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O'Shea Inflatable Windsurf Rig
The O’Shea iWind Rig

The O’Shea iWIND rig…

The O’Shea iWind rig is the biggest game changer in modern windsurfing progression.

Most suited to kids and adults alike who are starting out or just living for the fun that windsurfing can bring to the whole family.

It’s super portable, fitting easily into its own mini back pack, yet will inflate in seconds, ready to get you out on the water.

Weighing in at as little as 1.4kg, it incorporates kite bladder technology within its inflatable mast and boom.

As this rig is inflatable and is so incredibly light, it floats on the surface of the water, making it the easiest rig ever to uphaul and use – whether that is on an inflatable windsurfer or one with a more traditional construction.

It helps makes learning to windsurf an absolute doddle!


+ Incredibly Light
+ 90 Second Inflation
+ Ultra Compact – Fits In Mini Bag
+ High Visibility Colours
+ Market Leading & Durable Polyant Dacron Sail

Rig Sizes in Square Meters:

X-Small: 1.0
Small: 2.0
Medium: 3.0
Large: 4.0

Recommended pressure: 6psi

O'Shea iWind Package
O’shea iWind Rigs are supplied with every thing you need to get your WindSUP on the water…

– Integral inflatable mast and boom
– Lightweight mast foot
– Uphaul handles
– Lightweight compact bag
– H3 pump adapter

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