O’Shea produce a wide range of Inflatable SUP and SUP paddleboards, suitable for a
wide range of conditions, with boards to suit all abilities and ages of rider.
The Inflatable SUP range is comprised of 3 constructions… HDx, HPx and QSx
Premium QSx Quad Stringer Tech Range.

New Touring shape for 2021 – Industry leading convergence of great price and great performance. Features Quad Stringer Technology, 2 stiffening stringers an the top and 2 on the base, giving extreme stiffness without breaking the bank.

The benefits of this construction include: affordable performance, light yet durable, stiff both length and width ways, rolls up compactly, no cosmetic wrinkles.

Premium HDx Range.

Building on our legacy of quality and durability, we have strived to improve our “Go To” Highly Durable series. We have pressure bonded the twin skin, resulting in less excess adhesive, ie reduced weight but also improved surface finish – the wrinkle surface now a thing of the past.

The benefits of this construction include:  High Durability, Stiffer in all directions, Shape integrity long term, Pro surface finish, Enhanced glide when breezy.

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O'Shea Jumbo
Premium HPx Fusion Lite Range.

The most advanced ISUP construction in the world today. Innovative in partnership with our material manufacturer, we have evolved not only the LIGHTEST but also the STIFFEST board on the market today… a game changer in ISUP construction.

The benefits of this construction include: 20% lighter than any fusion or MSL, Stiffer than Fusion or MSL, Durable surface finish, No cosmetic wrinkles, Better glide on glassy water.

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O'Shea GTR

Primarily designed with windsurfing in mind, with the additional bonus that this board also is an excellent SUP!

Award winning designs bringing Windsurf & SUP fun for all the family.

O'Shea i Wind Rig
O'Shea Grom Wind Windsurf Rig
O'Shea Team Rig
The world's best inflatable SUP

1/HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Combining the best available materials with cutting edge manufacturing processes.
2/SAFETY: We believe that yellow is the safest yet fun colourway. Be seen and stay safe on river, lake or ocean.

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