There’s not alot that can go wrong with these iSUP’s, but here are the areas that crop up from time to time…
Valve Issues

Valve issues are rare, however it is possible for the valve to become loose and therefore allow air to escape from around it. The good news is that there is a simple fix to this issue. Using the valve tightener that came with your paddleboard (see image below), re-tighten the valve, which should then prevent any further leakage.

This issue shouldn’t be a big deal and is easily fixable.

O'Shea iSUP Valve Tightening Tool

Due to the construction of our paddleboards, leaks are rare as the outer skin of the board is not the layer that hold in the air. If your board experiences any sort of leak from eg a seam, the first step is to contact your retailer for advice BEFORE you attempt any repair. You can also contact us directly for advice too and one of our in house experts will be able to help.

Warranty Issues

All boards have a limited 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on our iSUP’s, valid from the date of purchase. If you have registered your board, then the warranty extends to 2 years from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers any abnormal defect in workmanship or materials which occurs within the period. This warranty excludes normal use / wear and tear and any issues that arise due to negligence. Negligence includes, but is not limited to, damage due to prolonged sun exposure, damage or breakage due to events outside of our control.

If you have a problem with your board due to any abnormal defect in workmanship or materials, please contact us immediately via

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